Comic 6 - Dark Reflections December 2016
5th Jul 2019, 12:00 AM
Dark Reflections December 2016
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Author Notes:
Exiern edit delete
This image is uploaded at 633 x 950 pixels. The size of the one uploaded at the main site is 3000 x 4500 pixels. The difference in size is that Wordpress here will scale the image down for display while it is a deliberate choice for Comic Fury to not do this.

I believe this was the first image by Colin Wells of Typh as he got familiar with the various elements of Exiern. In retrospect, I guess this probably have gone up as an Exiern voting incentive given it had yet to host any actual Exiern related content as such in two images (other than a Puck themed Fight Club poster brought to you by since we regained access.

Oh well, you live you learn. Possibly telling that this only occurred to me now as I'm setting this up over two and a half years later.

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