Comic 7 - Go Princess Go
6th Jul 2019, 12:00 AM
Go Princess Go
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Author Notes:
Exiern edit delete
This image was originally featured as a voting incentive for Exiern back in January 2017.

Created for us by Shawn Lenore, author and artist behind How to be a Werewolf and also based on this promotional image for the Chinese web series Go Princess Go (click image below for a trailer). The series starts off with a man with a questionable past gets caught up in a concussive accident while trying to save a damsel in distress that leads to everyone thinking he's a woman caught up in intrigue at the court  involving  a number  of  shady  royals. Sound like anyone you know?


That reminds me, many years back I did manage to recap Go Princess Go weekly for twenty weeks and got halfway through Episode 21 before I missed a deadline and that was that for the years since. I guess there's a lesson there in never missing a webcomic update lest everything stops entirely. I really need to try and resurrect the whole thing someday (temporarily inaccessible since the website upgrade that meant we had to reload much of the images) and get to the end of all thirty six episodes.

Anyway, you should consider checking out How to be a Werewolf whenever you have the time and Go Princess Go if you have the means.

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User comments:
ebarie edit delete reply
Another beautiful piece.
Exiern edit delete reply
Glad you liked it! Shawn is a very talented artist and it's about time we looked into seeing if another one is possible from her.

There is a variant on this one coming up soon too as part of this run of Valentine's Day art in 2017.