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Fountain of Youth (Not Safe for Work version)
Fountain of Youth (Not Safe for Work version)
16th Sep 2021, 12:00 AM
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One of our images from the file storage archives from way back. The art style certainly looks like it could be our current regular artist for the main comic (Studio Katsumi who was going by Studio Boom back then).

Next update is on the 1st of October 2021.

You can also see this Safe for Work (SFW) version by clicking here and voting (or clicking the back arrow to see the previous page) and the NSFW version now by clicking here and voting.

Interestingly enough, this image didn't trip the NSFW filter on Patreon for free open access pages while a lot of other more innocuous pages did (often just because of the colours used for skin tones as opposed to anything actually shown) and hence had to be put behind a paying tier. We still put it behind a paying tier back when we posted it on Patreon, though.