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Valentine's Day Sex Drive 2022 - Exiern Extras Exclusive
Valentine's Day Sex Drive 2022 - Exiern Extras Exclusive
14th Feb 2022, 9:00 AM
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If you came to this image directly via Comic Fury or to this page direct from another webcomic's VDSD links without seeing the image at the bottom of the text section of Exiern first, you've arrived backwards in a sense. So, to see the preceding image leading to this one, please go to the Exiern 2022 VDSD page and scroll down until you see the corresponding image.

As per last year, we have an additional set of images made for the Exiern bonus archive by our now long term (again!) regular artist Studio Katsumi! At least I didn't have to set on them for a year this time.

The instructions were simply for our artist to make whatever they liked from the story. In fairness to them, as they're so busy making so many pages all the time, some of the narrative might have slipped past such as Captain Roh is physically pre-transition.

So for this piece, I'm going to offer the interpretation that this is how Typh has to see himself even though he doesn't want to while this is how Captain Roh would like to see herself in future even though she's not started on that physical transformation yet is my understanding.

So basically, you have two characters who are where the other would like to be, though we see one who is where they don't want to be (Typh) and the other where they'd like to be heading (Roh), I guess.

Yes, I also imagine that's why they look so surprised compared to the other image on the main Exiern site as opposed to suddenly finding themselves without clothes (among other things for Captain Roh!).

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Valentine's Day Sex Drive 2022

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Always thought Roh was post transition...