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Top Webcomics Valentine's Day Competition 2017
Top Webcomics Valentine's Day Competition 2017
14th Jul 2019, 1:00 AM
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The image uploaded here on Comic Fury was 688x1000 pixels while the image uploaded to the main site was uploaded at 1376x2000 pixels. This is because Wordpress scales down the image for display while Comic Fury does not and recommends keeping the width under 950 pixels.

In 2017, Top Webcomics held a Halloween competition with prizes for the first three entries.

We came fourth.

(Well, at least it was a better outcome than the unintentional disaster that was the following Halloween competition that year. More on that later.)

At the time, it was a fast scramble to put something together giving the timing of the announcement of the competition and we were already getting our Valentine's Day Sex Drive entry for 2017 put together. Read about the VDSD here. 

So, in a process we return to on occasion to the present day, we reconfigured some existing art to make our entry.

Using the excellent image made for us by Shawn Lenore as seen here and here (once again, we really must ask her if she ever wants to make some more for us one day), we started a fine Exiern tradition of having webcomic artist Sean Harrington of Spying With Lana captioning other people's art for us. In this case, he also stuck in a whole new background for us. We were fortunate enough to get another great artwork out of the original, I think.

Various reasons as to why this particular pairing between Exiern's two lead characters is highly unlikely if not the most unlikely of all but for the reason why if you don't know already ... well, you'd have to read the comic.

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