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Typh Portrait
Typh Portrait
24th Jul 2019, 12:00 AM
Author Notes:
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This image ran as a voting incentive for Exiern in July 2017, the previous two images by Professor Etheric ran in June 2017 for Exiern and Dark Reflections respectively.

The image on the main site is uploaded at 1800x1806 pixels but is uploaded here on Comic Fury at 900x903 pixels. This is because the Wordpress host of the main site scales the image before display while Comic Fury chooses to display the image at its actual dimensions.

This image was done for us by the very talented Emma and is just one of many times we're going to see her work. You can check out her work here and here.

Welcome to the bonus site hosting the past voting incentives on Top Webcomics at the rate of one (almost) every day until they're all posted, at which point we'll start adding other bonus material as well periodically.

The main site featuring the bonus Exiern material is here (bar a few noted exceptions as you might soon find out but any omissions are either linked to there or here on Comic Fury).