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Dark Victory
Dark Victory
9th Aug 2019, 2:00 AM
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Welcome to the Comic Fury mirror site featuring all of the Exiern and Dark Reflections Top Webcomics voting incentives at the rate of one a day so that they can be seen anytime once we've posted all the past ones.

This page ran as a voting incentive for Dark Reflections on Top Webcomics in December 2017. It's a variant of the one that ran just previously as well as at the same time as the one on Exiern as seen again here yesterday.

We ... might have made just a few variants of these. Today and yesterday's were the two that ran on Top Webcomics for Exiern and Dark Reflections respectively back in December 2017, though.

Yet another page from Professor Etheric of Autumn Bay. Once again, highly recommended by us.

The dimensions on the main Wordpress site are 3000x763 but here are 990x1007 as Wordpress scales the image for display but Comic Fury deliberately does not.

The main site featuring the bonus Exiern material is here (bar a few noted exceptions as you might soon find out but any omissions are either linked to there or here on Comic Fury).