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Valentine's Day Sex Drive 2018 - Exiern (Top Webcomics Voting Incentive)
Valentine's Day Sex Drive 2018 - Exiern (Top Webcomics Voting Incentive)
10th Aug 2019, 12:00 PM
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This image was uploaded on the main site at 1500x1935 pixels and at the Comic Fury mirror site at 750x968 pixels. This is because Wordpress scales the image down before display but Comic Fury deliberately does not.

Now were going to see from the following counterparts to this and the earlier images why the Comic Fury mirror earned its nudity tag so a warning that decidedly not safe to work (NSFW!) images to follow.

Welcome to the image for Exiern's second participation in the Valentine's Day Sex Drive from 2018 which you can learn more about at the link.

This image was used on the main Exiern site here and is set just after this one.

This image came about because of a comment on last year's page from GaiaMechanic pointing out reasonably enough a missing gap in the coverage between Exiern and Dark Reflections? ("So… lady-bits or lady-bits? I was hoping for male Typhan-Knee. Equal-opportunity fan service please! =)")

So, one thing led to another and my asking Scott as he's the current architect of everything a question I never thought I'd have to ask which was along the lines of what the size of our hero's penis was back when he had one as we never got much of a chance to even potentially see it.

The answer? "Average sized". That just led to more questions (and potentially questionable web searches through the dimensions or perhaps more accurately of finding them or their specifications at least...).

Art by Marshall Reeves of the webcomic Yesterday Bound. Another fine webcomic we can't recommend highly enough and that you should definitely check out if you haven't already.

Welcome to the Comic Fury mirror site featuring all of the Exiern and Dark Reflections Top Webcomics voting incentives at the rate of (almost) one a day so that they can be seen anytime once we've posted all the past ones.