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Dark Reflections November 2016
Dark Reflections November 2016
3rd Jul 2019, 12:00 AM
Author Notes:
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The image on the Comic Fury mirror here was uploaded at 645 x 950 pixels. The image is 2641 x 3886 pixels scaled down for display by Wordpress on the main site here.

This is the first ever image I got from Colin Wells (of the webcomic Normal) as a bonus from him for joining his Patreon. So, I chose to ask for the image that ended up becoming our first ever Dark Reflections voting incentive for the month of November back in 2016.

Colin would go on to providing a lot more art for Exiern, most notably all of Chapter 29 and one of my personal favourites, the New Year's Day Special for 2018.

Witness it here!

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