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Postcards from Hell
Postcards from Hell
27th Sep 2019, 12:00 AM
Author Notes:
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We had a delay before posting yesterday and today's voting incentive because I'd been on night shift, so sorry about that. We're also nearly the end of the past voting incentives and catching up with the present day. So look out for an upcoming reconfiguration of what we'll be posting as extra material soon!

This image first ran as a voting incentive on Top Webcomics for Dark Reflections in June 2019.

The original image is 4226x3483 pixels but scaled down to 886x697 pixels here because Comic Fury does not scale down the image size like Wordpress as a deliberate choice.

This voting incentive is the other of two made for us for June 2019 by Rosie Cerrone. You can check out her work here.

Welcome to the bonus site hosting the past voting incentives on Top Webcomics at the rate of one (almost) every day until they're all posted, at which point we'll start adding other bonus material as well periodically.

The main site featuring the bonus Exiern material is here (bar a few noted exceptions as you might soon find out but any omissions are either linked to there or here on Comic Fury).