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Sprawl Tiffany
Sprawl Tiffany
25th Nov 2019, 1:10 AM
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We've all but caught up with the present day now. The next page here on the 2nd of December is one of this month's current voting incentives and will be up here almost straight after being replaced.

There will be a format and content change coming very soon as it won't be long before all past voting incentives are up and we've fully caught up to the present day.

This image was the Top Webcomics voting incentive for all of October for Dark Reflections.

This was created for us by the artist and writer of the webcomic The Sprawl, Christopher Snowdon. You can check it out here.

This image is 950x540 pixels here and 1900x1080 over on the main site hosting the past Top Webcomics images. This is because Comic Fury deliberately chooses not to scale down images but Wordpress does.