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One Day In October
One Day In October
1st Dec 2019, 11:15 PM
Author Notes:
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My computer needs to go in for repairs so I couldn't resize the images I wanted to post right now. In the interim, you can follow a story of sorts that we half played out on the main site with Exiern and the other half with with the November 2019 Top Webcomics Voting Incentives on Exiern and Exiern: Dark Reflections respectively.

Quite not safe for work (NSFW) images at Pages 2 and 3, though (1 and 4 should be fine, they're on the main site after all) so just giving you that heads up.

Just click the following links in this order:

Page 1
Page 2 (NSFW)
Page 3 (NSFW)
Page 4

There just might be a little more to go with this story arc of sorts. Keep watching the main site of Exiern in December to see how!