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Lady Valiant Heroes Exposed
Lady Valiant Heroes Exposed
15th Jul 2020, 12:00 AM
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This image was thanks to our friends over at Team Lady Valiant and their artist Xam!

A surprise and a bonus for all you loyal viewers of the Exiern Top Webcomics voting incentive archive! This image was given to us as an unexpected bonus to us from Team Lady Valiant when they made the other two commissions for us. It hasn't been used as a voting incentive yet and this is the first chance anyone gets to publicly see them!

You can check out their webcomic here and their Patreon here!

This image was originally 4000x4000 pixels but scaled down to 1200x1200 pixels as Comic Fury does not adjust for size. The originally sized image will appear on the Exiern Patreon at some point very soon. So keep watching out for them, lots of Lady Valiant bonus material coming in the next few days at most if not sooner!

Please also consider checking out our current voting incentives here and here if you haven't done so already to see our contributions to Spying With Lana's Third Annual Sexy Summer Swapmeet!

And of course if the heroes get one of these alternate versions ... well ... you just know the villains just have to have their say too, don't you?

Like, say this time next week on the 22nd of July?

See you then!
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Holy crap that's good!